Kelley van Evert

Hi there! I'm Kelley, theoretical computer science student by day, dreamer by heart, budding visual artist by intention, and freelance photographer and web designer by profession.

photo by Jesper Kone

Below is a selection of my photography, or you can head over to for a somewhat more artistically inspired photographic and visual blog (which hasn't really been maintained though as of late).

Photography Portraiture

A huge fan of timeless black and white, I often shoot portraits with a certain vintage look. The portrait I like the best is the artistic portrait, in which the portrayed person confronts the viewer. Basically, the portrait of the writer on the back cover of a good piece of literature.

Photography Event/documentary

  • Lectures
  • Documentary
  • Parties
  • Music events
  • Sports

Photography Artistic

My initial as well as final photographic interest: the still object, in its subtler than human complexity. To abstract from the usual, and find the primary, image. An act of reflection.


You can contact me through digital mail or electronically transmitted speach:

T 06 1996 56 94