Kelley van Evert

Hi there! I'm Kelley, a nearly-graduated theoretical computer science MSc by day … dreamer by heart, budding visual artist by volition, and freelance photographer / web designer by accidental profession.

photo by Cyril Cleven

I am fascinated, among others, by Typography, or in fact more generally, the inexhaustible possibilities, beauty & elegance of the reduced toolset that is simply drawing black shapes on white backgrounds; the visual arts, and in particular spatial arts (with a special love for Mark Manders' works); Code, both in its formally studied, semantic character (e.g. type theory), as well as in it's naturally growing, socially and cognitively embedded character (as exemplified by javascript in the context of the evolving modern web).

My hobbies include climbing mountains (see the picture to the left, where I'm climbing Pyttegga with Cyril); writing javascript code that is beautiful in its conceptual shape (e.g. using the excellent Vue, Knockout, or d3 libraries) and/or in its produced imagery; folding (or else modeling) origami tesselations; reading/watching most things sci-fi—although I definitely prefer, say, Michel Faber's The Book of Strange New Things over the latest Marvel production; trying to make sense of the political world through the wise words of Habermas and others.

Almost graduated, I'll be looking for IT jobs, preferably of the kind where I get to produce wonderful information visualizations and/or use all the crazy stuff that's included in the modern javascript toolkit; but more importantly, of the kind where my efforts would aid in the distribution of knowledge / education; or stimulating political awareness or empathetic political discussion.